Cash Settlement Center

Solutions for banknotes

SCAN COIN solutions for banknotes offers a wide range of devices, most of which have the ability to detect damaged and counterfeit banknotes as well as banknote counting.

Bill counters

UGT offers a large range of bill counters with high operating capacities and counting speeds. Most of the devices have integrated counterfeit currency detection and can count mixed banknotes.

Bill Detectors

Modern print technologies have now advanced to a level that even amateurs can easily make counterfeit banknotes. Therefore, the availability of high-quality counterfeit bill detectors is of crucial importance.

Solutions for Coins

UGT presents SCAN COIN solutions for coins. They count, sort, pack and classify even the smallest coins. The SCAN COIN solutions we offer are known to be world leaders, which ensures maximum accuracy when detecting damaged and counterfeit coins.

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