IT Support

Simple solution

The IT infrastructure of contemporary organizations is becoming less homogenous and frequently infrastructures systems and software of different manufacturers is used.

Clients request – to manage more complex infrastructure, provide streamlined IT services and at the same time cost optimization.

We will – create and implement a new solution which requires limited resources and maintains the existing environments stability.

It’s very expensive to provide highly-qualified staff in all these areas and it’s even more expensive to sign contracts with every manufacturer for hardware and system support. UGT offers to its client support contracts as an optimal solution. We can offer support of the whole IT environment. We can also provide a guarantee of continuous and proper operation.

Our support includes:

  • Engineering Infrastructure
  • IT equipment
  • IT Systems
  • Software

The contracts we offer enable you to involve specialized and competent staff while solving a problem. Meanwhile you can also plan prevention works, that allows you to enhance stability and accessibility of IT services.

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