HVAC Management

No matter where you are in the world your building requires heating, ventilation, or air conditioning (HVAC) to provide a comfortable productive environment for the occupants. However, HVAC isn't cheap, it accounts for approximately half of typical buildings total energy consumption. So making sure your system is running as efficiently as possible is critical to your buildings operational costs. HVAC controls are monitoring interior conditions and responding to load changes in a coordinated fashion providing comfort and energy efficiency.

A system can review occupancy schedules and monitor BAS trends to effectively optimize the operation of the equipment, run the equipment when it is needed at appropriate temperatures, load shedding, and perform a night purge (pre-cooling a building before occupancy) or temperature reset routines. Nothing saves more energy than turning equipment off when it does not need to run. Using real people occupancy, such as people counters, occupancy sensors or CO2 sensors to adjust temperatures or turn off equipment when there is low occupancy, significantly adds to savings.

Our communicating controllers share information making sure your building automation systems work together maximizing both comfort and energy efficiency.

UGT’s network of integrators are building control experts that can help you to design, install, and maintain your control system at peak efficiency.

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