We are dedicated to building and implementing complex software systems

to the latest trends organizations try to collect historically created various software in one unified platform. This is very cost-effective, supports the management of services and products and make uniform standard for duplicated and organization expanded information.

Our company is dedicated to building and implementing complex software systems through its consulting and professional services.

Software Quality Control

The software development process demands the highest levels of quality control. It’s very important to be determined how business order and supplied product coincide with each other.

To avoid conflict of interests it’s recommended that product development and its’ quality control teams consist of different persons. High quality of the product enables business to see weaknesses and get pre-agreed result.

We offer quality control software system for when the software development team consists of outsourcing staff.

Project Management

There are several methods of software development management project. Agile Principle is very popular. Though we often see so called Waterfall and adaptation attempt. Experience has shown that iterative and phase development brings better results than creating one task and working on its realization.

We have big experience of working with Agile principles based on Kanban and SCRUM methods in trainings and equipment use. In addition to this our team consists of PMI professionals. PMP certified staff offer you project management with PMBOK and Agile effective synthesis.

Product software development right planning, risk assessment, responsibility distribution, main access script, decision maker’s involvement in the process and effective communication is the list of necessary aspects that enhances the chance of success of your project.

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