Data Transmission Systems

UGT offers solutions from leading manufactures in data transmission, processing, and protection

The goal of UGT Telecom division is to support Georgian telecom operators implementing innovative technology solutions. The cutting-edge technology enables companies to improve their service quality, reduce expenses, and to offer their clients high level services.

UGT presents the following solutions:

Data Transmission Systems

  • Optical data transmission systems
    • GPON Systems for customer’s connection
    • DWDM trunk systems
    • WDM systems for mobile stations (Mobile backhaul and front haul)
    • Various optical components and cables
  • IP MPLS data transmission systems
  • Carrier Ethernet Solutions
  • Wireless data transmission systems – carrier-grade Wi-Fi, carrier-grade Wi-Fi transport systems and signal amplifiers
  • Carrier-grade IP addresses peroxide systems (CGNAT)
  • vDSL2 and systems

Data Processing Systems

  • Building of datacenters – servers, data storage systems, data processing center oriented networks and software, cooling and other necessary infrastructure.

Data Protection systems

  • Network Firewalls
  • DDOS Attack Protection systems
  • DNS Server Protection Systems

New Service Implementation Systems

  • Virtual Services Implementation Systems, CPE ( Virtual Services Platform, vCPE)
  • IPTV
    • Transcoders
    • Set-top Boxes

Management and Control Systems

  • DPI
  • Log analysis Systems
  • Diameter controller
  • Network testing quality control systems
  • Application Delivery Controllers
  • Network Management Systems
  • Customer Experience Management

UGT offers wide range of solutions from several manufacturers which allow us to provide each client with customized and individual solutions.

Each Project Include: 

  • Project Planning and Implementation
  • Creating clear task lists for planning and implantation
  • Finding solutions to project issues to assure timely completion
  • Testing and piloting as needed. Testing may be done using the manufactures demo version or in a customer’s existing system
  • Installation and implantation of the solution, adjustment if necessary, and integration into the customer’s existing systems as needed
  • Aftersales service
  • Training
  • Detailed Documentation

Our experience working with multiple manufactures allows us to offer our clients solutions developed on the bases of various integrated systems which makes them more flexible.

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