Our advantages

UGT’s knowledge in design & development, implementation and support of IT infrastructure solutions is vast. Specialists of UGT are constantly upgrading their qualifications with the world’s leading companies, such as SUN Microsystems, HP, Cisco, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Symantec and many more.

UGT is the only Georgian company that has extensive practical experience in design, development, implementation and support of IT infrastructures of large companies in Georgia.

Each of our projects is based on modern solutions and technologies from our partners.  The following factors are taken into account during design of IT infrastructure solutions-

  • Future scalability of the solution
  • Provision of high reliability
  • Readiness for new technology addition
  • Minimization of long-term expenditures associated with infrastructure exploitation

Thus, enabling the customer to receive maximum return on investment.

UGT has extensive experience in supply of IT hardware and software products. Our advantages include tested and proven logistics and high quality project management. UGT has successfully implemented the most complex hardware and software supply projects to Georgia, as well as neighboring countries.