Uninterruptible power supply systems

Nowadays power lines have the following problems:

  • Power limitations;
  • At some place power networks are not envisaged for high loads;
  • Quality of power is often low (inconsistent frequency, volatile voltage, outages and other problems);
  • Modernization of existing power systems require substantial investments;
  • Often existing equipment is morally old and is not compatible to modern requirements.

All of these problems can cause stoppage of operation, and in some cases can damage expensive equipment.

Power supply of information systems should have these objectives:

  • Company should be supplied with quality power that ensures functioning of hardware during critical loads and will not depend on the quality of local power supply;
  • Investments for modernization and expansion of existing network should be minimal.

UGT’s Solutions:

UGT develops guaranteed uninterrupted power supply systems that balance company’s requirements and existing power supply possibilities.

What are the results of these solutions?

  • Stabile power quality and supply without increased requirements for main supply unit;
  • Minimization of network reconstruction expenditures by decreasing required voltage;

How is this arranged?

In case the city power supply system goes off, uninterruptible power supply (for instance power generator) together with automated reserve equipment provides independent power. As well, there are central on-line UPS’s that provide separation of supplying and loaded networks. Usage of dual converter of central UPS ensures high reliability and power usage quality. For critical loads we envisage additional protection through local UPS systems.