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UGT is a leading company in the field of digital technologies in Georgia, which started its activity in the field of IT, twenty five years ago and has expanded its scope over time. Today, we are successfully implementing solutions adapted to different sectors, not only in the field of classic IT, but also in the fields such as building management, payments and cash processing, video monitoring, solar energy and other modern technologies.

UGT's mission is to assist organizations in the implementation of modern technologies and digital transformation.

We have the full range of technologies and competencies to proviede the digital transformation of organizations. In private and public organizations, we implement  both IT infrastructure systems and frontal business applications and, through our own data center, we provide organizations with the latest cloud services based on the Microsoft Azure Stack.

Over the years, UGT has developed services and solutions adapted to the large, small and medium-sized organizations, meeting their requests, appreciating individual needs, and maintaining flexibility in the collaboration process. Today, the company has a wide selection of products, services and solutions for organizations of all sizes and types.

Over the years, UGT has implemented numerous large-scale and state-matter projects supported by donor and international organizations. The company has gained high trust from customers and partners, with the best experience and unique expertise.

Today, we have more than 50 partners worldwide and continue to maintain the highest partnership status of industry leaders. These include HPE, Dell Technologies, Microsoft, Check Point, IBM, Oracle and other well-known corporations. Besides to top partner statuses, we have received numerous awards from our partners as the Most Innovative Partner, Best Partner of the Year, and Most Competent Partner.

UGT is the only technology company in Georgia, which is in the list of 100 largest Georgian companies published by Forbes.

The experience and professionalism we have gathered, pushed us to go beyond Georgia and start operating in international markets, which we are successfully coping with.

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