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Introducing a series of videos, where we show you services, products and solutions we offer and we discuss about their importance.

  • UGT Data Processing Center is based on the latest and most modern solutions. Wondering why the project is unique in the region and what opportunities are available through the Data Center?

  • What are the technological advantages of Azure Stack and what services are available over Microsoft's innovative hybrid cloud solution?

  • How can you reduce your IT costs by using the Azure Stack service? What are the advantages of a local cloud platform located in UGT Data Center?

  • How does IBM Qradar work? What does UGT offer its customers and what sets IBM Qradar apart from other similar services? What type of companies is IBM Qradar for?

  • What is Azure DevOps? How does it integrate with different tools and how does it automate processes?

  • What is included in Azure Stack Networking Services, how can they be used to build virtual infrastructure, and how is Azure Stack's internal network infrastructure set up?

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