Since 2008 UGT has been cooperating with UNICUM, one of the world’s leading self-service machine manufacturer. In the first few years UGT and UNICUM installed more than 4,000 self-service machines in Georgia.

UNICUM products offer:

  • Modern design
  • Banking equipment, in accordance with ISO 9001, that are constructed by professional designers and engineering team. The technology has the longest life period than the other ones on the market
  • Flexible service, provided by highly competent service managers
  • Hardware branding
  • Smart safe

UNICUM produces wide range of Instant Payment Machines and banking technologies that are mostly dedicated to automating retail banking operations. Unicum solutions will help you to automate your business, reduce your operational cost, and grow your number of loyal clients.

SCAN COIN products offer:

Smart Safe

S-class smart safe is the best solution for back office and front office. This is a safe, quick, and high capacity banknote depositor, which radically reduces costs and time while working with banknotes.

Banknote and Coin Recycler/ depositor

Cash withdrawal and deposit procedures in the service center may require lots bank employee time. Scancoin innovative solutions will assist you to manage the process very quickly and effectively, with minimal human resources. CDS9 provides full automation of receiving and withdrawing of banknotes and coins which allow you to better concentrate on customers’ requirements and business development.

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