Cyber Security: Implementing Cyber Security

In the era of digital transformation, the dependence on information technology services and products has increased significantly, thus increasing the challenges in the field of information security and cyber security.

Social distance, while playing a key role in holding the spread of COVID-19, increases the risk of infecting workstations, unauthorized access, data leaks, malicious code, and all kinds of risks associated with working in an unprotected environment. Today, cybersecurity is in speculation, like never before.

On April 1st, 2019, the Order of the President of the National Bank of Georgia on the approval of the cyber security management framework of commercial banks came into force. The new regulations oblige commercial banks operating in Georgia, both local and foreign commercial bank branches, to have cybersecurity management frameworks, which should be relevant to the size and complexity of commercial banks and commercial banking services. Cyber ​​Security Management Frameworks need to be fully integrated into the overall risk management process of a commercial bank.

Nowadays, banks in Georgia are effectively dealing with cyber security challenges, but each new regulation creates new spaces that require full-time, human, and material resources. With the help of UGT, commercial banks will be able to achieve full compliance in a short period of time in terms of information security, documentation processing, implementation of some control mechanisms and ensure even higher access, continuity and security of the organization's services.

Information security and cybersecurity are the areas in which UGT is your reliable and experienced partner. With us you will be able to minimize security risks and maintain a protected and reliable technological environment.

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