Penetration test

The security of information technology infrastructure components, services and systems plays an important role in the process of ensuring information security. To ensure a high level of security, it is necessary to detect the weaknesses of information technologies, analyze their use and eliminate them in a timely manner.

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UGT offers Vulnerability scan and Penetration test services. The project will scan the IT environment and identify vulnerabilities. The criticality of the identified vulnerabilities will be assessed and the corresponding level of risk will be determined according to the impact on the business. 

Types of testing are:

  • Black box - Unknown system structure
  • Gray box - only part of the information about the system is known
  • White box - The structure of the system is known and the test provider has complete information about the system


Testing methodologies are:

ISSAF, NIST SP800-115, OSSTMM3, OWASP, CVSS and more.


Testing tools and instruments are:

BurpSuite, Nessus, Acunetix, Gophish, Nmap, nikto, Metasploit, meterpreter, SQL Map, SSL Strip, Aircrack-NG and more.




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