Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

What is DRaaS

DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) is a cloud service provider that allows you to quickly switch to backup IT systems during critical interruption at your data center. In this case, DRaaS user backup IT systems and data are hosted with the cloud service provider.


Why DRaaS

Business continuity and uninterrupted customer service are impossible without backing-up IT systems. Even important data protection - without duplication.

System failures can have a variety of causes - physical hardware failures, human errors, viruses, cyber-attacks, natural disasters, and more. Nowadays, the customer cannot get used to even a small interruption of the service process and immediately begins to look for an alternative. Temporary interruption of services is often associated with large financial and reputational losses. To prevent delays for businesses and consumers, an organization must be able to instantly switch to backup systems and continue to operate uninterrupted.

Building your backup data processing center is associated with high costs. In addition, a fairly large portion of the infrastructure resources are pointless as they are purchased to meet future needs. This kind of approach is already unprofitable. Nowadays, it is best practice to deploy backup systems with your cloud services provider. This way, companies no longer need to expend large costs and through operating costs or even get the amount of resources they need at a particular stage. Also, protection of systems and data as well as security and privacy, are at a much higher level than it is in the case of the company’s data processing centers.

Having distant remote backup systems is already a world standard and is required by state regulations for many industries.

Through DRaaS you will be able to:

  • Duplicate your IT infrastructure and provide your customers with uninterrupted service!
  • Set up backup IT systems in just a few days!
  • Arrange backup IT infrastructure and services at no great cost!
  • Do not buy unnecessary IT capabilities and use only the amount of resources needed at this stage!
  • Instantly restore IT systems and services!
  • Stay in line with industry regulations and world standards!


We offer you

We offer the placement of backup (duplicated) IT infrastructure (systems, applications, Data) in UGT Cloud Data Processing Center that is secure, reliable, and up to standard. UGT Data Processing Center complies with ISO20000, ISO27000 standards and Tier3 requirements.

DRaaS technologies create a user backup data processing center that can be used in any critical situation. During the service setup, a copy of the virtual environment in the user's server infrastructure is created in the cloud environment of the UGT Data Processing Center, and constant asynchronous replication occurs between these two environments.

In the event of a critical malfunction in the local server infrastructure, the user will be able to run his services and applications in the cloud at UGT Data Center and recover from service interruptions.

Once the malfunction has been uprooted, by re-applying from the UGT environment to the Customer Data Processing Center, it will still be possible for the Customer to restore services to their own Data Processing Center.

Backup infrastructure can be deployed on both VMWare and Microsoft Azure Stack platforms. Additionally, the Azure Disaster Recovery as a Service may be used.

The Azure Disaster Recovery as a Service (Azure Stack) creates a copy of the Azure Stack user's virtual environment in the global Azure cloud environment, and in these two environments there is constant asynchronous replication.

Our services include:

  • Guaranteed liability!
  • Continuity rate 99.5%!
  • Replication between data processing centers.
  • Monitoring replication processes.
  • Ongoing support and support for switching testing in the backup data center.
  • Pay the service fee only for the volumes that the customer uses at a particular point in time. In addition, the customer has the ability to pre-determine the IT budget.



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