IT Infrastructure on Microsoft Azure Local Cloud Platform (IaaS on Azure Stack HUB)

What is IaaS?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the process of using IT infrastructure in a cloud environment when all or part of the IT Infrastructure is provided to the costumer organization as a form of a service. With IaaS service, the user gets virtual machines (Linux and Windows operating systems), network components (Virtual Networks, VPN Gateways, Firewalls), data storage space, information security components and other IT infrastructure systems, with full rights of use and management.

Why Iaas?

The advantages of using IaaS are fast scaling and service continuity. In addition, the need for infrastructure administration is significantly reduced, and in the case of finding a new company, or a subsidiary, setting up an IT infrastructure is very easy and fast.

Iaas enables you to:

  • Upgrade, or arrange, IT infrastructure of any scale for your company in a day, without large investments as well as saving significant resources that you will invest in your core business
  • Forget about IT infrastructure maintenance and operation problems and use the free resources for your business
  • Avoid long and complicated processes of planning, purchasing, installing, maintaining, administering, updating server and network infrastructure components, data viewers, and other complex IT equipment
  • Increase productivity and efficiency

Some advantages of Iaas:

  • Data security and protection- Data security and protection are much higher than any organization that has their own infrastructure. Arranged and managed in accordance with modern standards and best practices, as well as services placed on constantly updated and licensed components, minimizes the risk of information leakage and unauthorized access to it
  • High availability of IT services (systems) – Services built on a sustainable and stable technology platform, duplicate resources and a high standard-driven environment ensure a high rate of service availability
  • Flexible fee payment method –customer is able to pay the monthly service fee in proportion to the resources used (Pay as You Go Model)
  • Optimization of IT operations –customer has the ability to dynamically change the IT resources needed to operate the organization, thereby avoiding unreasonable or inefficient costs

Why local cloud platform?

  • Critical services provided to the local market are placed on a global cloud platform. If the critical services are provided, there is a high risk of internet traffic delays and global internet disruption, which is almost non-existent when using a local cloud platform
  • It is possible to quickly upload and download large volumes of data at significantly less cost than in the case of global cloud platforms
  • Flexible payment mechanisms operating with local provider.
  • Communication with local technical staff is much easier- there are no language or cultural barriers
  • The local cloud environment meets global safety standards, as evidenced by ISO certifications and the same technologies used in the case of leading providers

Why Microsoft Azure Stack?

Microsoft Azure Stack is the local Microsoft cloud platform. It is built using the cloud technologies and architecture provided by Microsoft and HPE used in Global Azure data processing centers. Customers can access the same state-of-the-art technologies, services, and applications that Microsoft provides to European and American markets through Global Azure.

The Microsoft Azure Stack provides the same reliability, data encryption, security, and safety as Global Azure.

Microsoft Azure is known for its top User-Friendly interface and deep integration with Microsoft Office cloud services, which you will not find with other cloud service providers.

What do we offer?

We offer scalable, stable, and reliable cloud services based on both Azure Stack and VMware platforms that come from UGT Cloud Data Processing Centre.

Our Azure Stack hybrid cloud platform provides high Iaas sustainability and allows customers to receive Iaas Global-like Azure, locally in Georgia.

IaaS together with Managed Services and other professional services of UGT will allow you to fully concentrate on your business’s core activities and entrust your IT direction to professionals. This saves resources and uses IT services effectively in solving your business tasks.

Some interesting components of Azure Stack:

  • User Portal – ability to manage services visually from a Web browser.
  • VM Images - wide selection of virtual machine types and operating systems.
  • Network Load Balances - load distribution for both external and internal services.
  • VPN Gateway - Ability to create a virtual private connection in the Azure Stack HUB between the IaaS type infrastructure and the client company's internal networks.
  • Azure Marketplace - A catalog of images and templates for applications, development environments, security components and various IT solutions.
  • Azure ARM Automation Tools - Automate tasks with PowerShell scripts and Azure ARM JSON templates.
  • Network Security Groups - Provide security in the IaaS virtual network.
  • Encryption - Automatic encryption of images and information for viewing virtual machines.
  • Tenants - Complete software isolation between different client IaaS infrastructures.

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