Remote Desktop as a Service (RDaaS)

Remote Desktop as a Service (RDaaS) enables users and organizations to work remotely in a centralized, highly productive work environment using a variety of hardware or operating systems.

The advantages of using RDS service are:

  • Flexible working environment for employees and increased work capacity - through RDS service the company has the opportunity to create a flexible working environment. Also, all employees are given the opportunity to use the latest version of systems and applications
  • Reduced time to perform operations - RDS service employee gets a more productive work environment than is possible with standard computer equipment
  • Quickly workable work environment for employees - RDS service minimizes the time of setting up a new work environment for the employee. At the same time, it is possible to increase or decrease the characteristics of the virtual work environment in the shortest possible time, in case of changes in business requirements/needs.
  • IT Cost Optimization - RDS service fees are paid in proportion to the resources used. Also, as the number of users changes, so does the number of RDS licenses required
  • Data protection - information is placed in a centralized work environment, which helps protect information and reduces the risk of unauthorized access to data


We offer you

UGT offers a cloud-based RDaaS service based on UGT Cloud Data Processing Center, which allows organizations to provide secure access to employees in a centralized work environment, from any operating system and any device (thin clients, PCs, laptops, mobiles, Devices).

Organizations will be able to dynamically manage the resources used while making payments with clock accuracy.

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