Basic IT Systems as a Service (BITaaS)

Basic IT Systems as a Service (BITaaS) integrates all the core IT systems needed to manage business processes, supporting and managing them as a single service.

The BITaaS service package includes the following systems and services:

  • Managing a corporate network as a service
  • Email as a Service
  • View shared files as a service
  • VoIP Phone as a Service
  • Security management as a service
  • Antivirus protection as a service
  • Support for user operating systems, operating environment, computer and peripherals (Desktop Support)
  • Remote Desktop Services (Remote Desktop Services)
  • Thin/Zero Client Devices as a Service


We offer you

UGT offers deployment, support and management of BITaaS service systems in a state-of-the-art, highly secure cloud environment. With its help, organizations will be able to concentrate on core activities and devote less time to managing IT services and processes.

With BITaaS services you will be able to increase employee productivity, reduce costs and pay only according to the resources used:

  • The company uses the principle of hiring and does not have to incur one-time costs for the purchase of computer hardware or software licenses.
  • With a complete suite of constantly updated IT systems, equipment and services, it is possible to predict IT costs.

BITaaS service fees are paid on a monthly basis according to the number of employees of the company and the systems included in the chosen BITaaS service package. This payment model will allow you to change the number of components or employees of the service package according to your business needs and pay only according to the resource used.


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