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Nowadays, it is difficult to develop business without information technology. In a competitive environment its use becomes a necessity.

Automation and digitalization of processes is the main precondition for optimization and operation of resources. These factors determine the use of information technology components, supporting and developing those components, and the need to maintain a high-quality security in this environment. In information technologies, it is also important to select and implement the relevant goals and tasks of the organization and to set up financial and human resources according to the existing risks.

IT management specialists are rare in Georgia. Therefore, it is difficult to find people who work in this field and keep them constantly motivated. Thus, it is almost impossible to employ qualified staff of this specialty in small and medium sized companies. Considering above circumstances there is a real risk of loss due to inadequate spending, improper support and security breaches.

We offer 

Many years of experience and qualification gives us the opportunity to deliver not only expensive technical solutions but also to manage information technology processes at the highest level.

One of the major products of our outsourcing direction is the delegation of the administration process. Within this service, we allocate the resources that are directed into your organization for IT process administration. With our service you can also benefit from the following qualifications, responsibilities, and competences:

  • CIO (Chief Information Officer) - Responsible for developing IT strategies for the company and monitoring its implementation process;
  • Service Manager - responsible for monitoring the company's IT services administration process;
  • IT Manager - Responsible for companies IT staff management and monitoring.  

We can become your IT process managers. We will plan your development strategies, manage IT support processes and people who are involved in the process, will be your representatives with IT components suppliers, we will assist you in negotiations and decision-making processes.

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