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Companies often do not measure the risks they may face in their environment and when faced with a particular threat, decisions are not usually planned or well thought out. Developed companies must constantly take care of their own business processes, including the continuation of IT services, because IT services are often the main driving mechanisms for business processes.

In response to these challenges, business continuity plans are created, which provides guidelines for high level of continuity

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UGT's IT service continuity management services include testing and monitoring of complex events. Our goal is to ensure that clients’ existing control mechanisms are constantly in proper condition and its effective use is safeguarded in case of urgency.

Continuity Management Services include the following:

  • IT environment and service audit
  • Testing continuity plan of IT services
  • Testing of IT Services Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Ensuring proper functioning of continuous control of IT services
  • IT Services Continuity Consulting Services

The principles of our service are not only based on testing and inspection of existing plans. We evaluate the efficiency of these plans and provide with recommendations for their development within our consulting services.

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