Non-warranty service

UGT Non-Warranty Service is a paid service and the fee must be reimbursed after the customer has determined the cause of the defect. The service fee consists of the replacement part and the repair service fee. The hardware repair process starts after the customer pays the service fee.

What do we offer

We offer the following paid services:

  • Motherboard repair / replacement
  • Order and replace broken screens
  • Add / change memory module
  • Software installation / troubleshooting
  • Ensure proper setup of wireless devices and network
  • Solve the keyboard and touchpad problem
  • Order / change the keyboard
  • Troubleshoot Wi-Fi and Bluetooth problems
  • Battery diagnostics / replacement
  • Hard Disk Diagnosis / Replacement
  • USB jack repair / replacement
  • Identify and correct a wide range of other issues

Ordering and replacement of spare parts is done with original details, directly from the manufacturer is also possible with a replacement, which is also available and certified by the manufacturer.


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