When looking for software a company has many choices of off the shelf products. However there is sometimes there is a need to develop industry oriented software. This kind of software could be integration platforms, One Stop Shop products for end users or operational sub-systems.

Programming language, Open Source products and our professional services enable us to provide additional systems as an expansion of existing systems. At the same time, we can offer automation of your business processes and create specific software for your organization.

For any business services UGT can develop and integrate additional modules like:

  • Employees’ self-service portal
  • Online booking and sales portal
  • Warehouse automation modules
  • Retail and stationary additional module
  • Billing, Invoicing and payment system
  • Data transmission module


Besides we cover following industries:

  • Retail and trading
  • Distribution and wholesale
  • Building
  • Real estate hiring and management
  • Petroleum distribution and realization
  • Communal Services
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Automobile and spare parts trading
  • Leasing
  • Banking and insurance services
  • Professional and other different spheres
  • State services

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