Uniform data system audit and future development plan

We have the knowledge and experience to help you evaluate and analyze the state of your IT infrastructure

In a competitive and rapidly changing environment, a business’s dependence on information technology is increasing every day. The successful implementation of any revision or new product largely depends on the organization’s IT infrastructures ability to adapt to the changing conditions.

IT services provides technical support in the shortest possible time to support the constant development and modernization of already existing systems in any organization. To ensure that IT infrastructure will not prevent timely implementation of the organization’s business goals and objectives, it must be properly designed and dynamical developed as recommended by international standards and best practices.

Our services

Services are designed for organizations who use outsourcing to solve their IT challenges. We have the knowledge and experience to help you evaluate and analyze the state of your IT infrastructure so that the optimal solution can be selected. UGT uses its experience, international standards, and knowledge of the local market when making any decisions or recommendations to the client. By offering our clients solutions from multiple vendors they will maintain flexibility when making future business decisions. An open architecture based system will also ensure healthy competition between vendors. As a benefit the client will get reduced costs when modernizing their infrastructure.

We provide not only a technical audit but also offer recommendations for improvements where deficiencies are found. At the customers’ request we will provide a detailed plan for modernization of their existing infrastructure and the client will be part of the implementation process.

data necessary for the activities of a modern organization accumulate very quickly and continue to grow in size. It is critically important to have a data storage infrastructure which can be scaled up, provide security and quick effective restoration in case of data loss or corruption. The audit provided by us will enable you to use your system to its fullest potential while preparing you for future changes.

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