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The need to introduce technological solutions, which provides the automation of important processes comes with the growth and development of the companies. At the same time, it is necessary to collect and gather data in electronic format. Often, technical or software tools that are used to manage business processes in companies become vital due to this fact, data processing centers that handle above mentioned technical solutions and databases have a significant role for the company.

As usual, data processing infrastructure is one of the most critical infrastructure items in any company. It is important to consider the physical security components of the infrastructure, as well as the logical security of the resources and the availability indicators.

We offer

Most critical data processing centers in the country were built under our responsibility. Our qualified team is constantly working towards studying and implementing new approaches and solutions in this direction. We continuously researching the threats and challenges around the world and are regularly offering clients adequate prevention measures.

Our Products:

  • Administration and support of access control systems
  • Administration and support of fire suppression and fire-detector systems
  • Administration and support of cooling and power supply systems
  • Database Management (including management of backups)
  • Server Infrastructure Resource Management

Before starting the service process, we analyze your infrastructure, evaluate critical points and present rational decisions to resolve them. Furthermore, the functioning of data processing continues to be under constant monitoring and supervision of our qualified team.

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